Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Ride Reports

Lynda's recap:
Ethan, Jim, Lynda, Steve-Bob, Wally, Ed & Ducky had breakfast at Wayne's General Store in Boxford. Ed decided to head towards Andover for a ride on the way back to his house (he and Lynda rode to the start in Salem from HOME), while Ducky traveled back towards Beverly. Steve-Bob, Ethan, Wally, Lynda and Jim rode through Georgetown and looped through Bradley Palmer Forest, Wally getting a flat tire along the way. (When will the towns clean their streets?) Overheard were a few turkeys in the woods while changing Wally's flat, no sightings though. It wasn't the perfect, sunny day, but it was rain-free, and you just can't complain about that!

It was nice to see Donna and Drew. Hopefully we'll see more of everybody in the up-coming weekends!

Donna's Report:
Had a nice ride on Saturday. At the Salem start were: Jeff & Ben, Ethan, Jim, Lynda, Steve-Bob, Ed, Margie, Sheldon, Donna & off the DL Drew. We picked up Ducky over the bridge and soon lost Jeff & Ben. After the dry cleaner stop most of the crew continued on to Boxford. Drew, Donna, Margie and Sheldon decided to ride to Hendersons and then looped thru Bradley Palmer after. The weather looked threatening at times and was a bit chilly. The sites and sounds of Spring were a delight. 6:30 am next week!


Tam said...

Thanks, Donna and Lynda, for the reports and photos! Sorry to have missed the ride! WOW, Lynda -- long ride for you!! What time did you leave Cambridge?

Sprocket Girl said...

Hey Tam,

I'm sorry for not remembering to get a pic at Wayne's. I tried to make up for it w/ some other shots though.

I left Cambridge at 5:20am. Ed and I met up in Lynnfield at around 6:25 and we arrived in Salem around 6:50.
The route is actually a very nice one, not much in the way of urban traffic after leaving the Medford area. Went through Melrose Ctr, which is more quaint than an urban annoyance. Other than that, it was rather wide roads and tree-lined streets.

Bruce K said...

The Blue TRain ended up going to Ipswich and on to Newburyport looping back through Byfield, Groveland, and Georgetown before heading down 97 to Topsfield.

I'm surprised we didn't run into you guys.

Yesterday was spent dodging the rain showers for a 20+ mile loop in preparation for today's holiday ride.

Today 18 folks did the "Sticky Buns" ride to Portsmouth, NH. Depending on your starting point, mileages varied from 85 to 95. Nice little paceline all the way up and back.

I will have to get the name of the place we ate in case you want to try it on the Cohen Tri-State. Good sandwiches, EXCELLENT coffee, and freindly service. Also a VERY bike freindly place.

Ride safe, and I'll see you at Sea Glass.

For anyone interested in long miles next Saturday ECV is hosting it's annual Tour du Essex County with routes up to 100 miles. It starts at Seaside Cycle in Manchester with an 8:30 departure.