Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 9th Ride Recap

Cyclopath-Donna writes this week's ride recap: Riding from Salem on an overcast and drizzling day were: Donna, Gail, Sheldon, Anne, Paul G., Ed, and Queen Kathy. (We picked up Ducky over the bridge.) After a debate over where to head to breakfast, we settled on the Depot Diner. (Truth is, I had the chalk and made the decision.) We had a nice breakfast and the owner and waitress were happy to see us.

After breakfast, Sheldon headed back so he could get to the opera, while the rest of the gang headed north for a loop thru Bradley Palmer. Despite a light drizzle, we enjoyed the signs of Spring, lilacs in bloom, chirping birds, and a heron having breakfast in the pond. On the return, Paul hit a six pack. (No, he didn't start drinking -- His tire engaged with a beer bottle and sliced it.) Paul walked back to his car from the Beverly Bridge. This was Paul's second ride in a row with flat tire issues. (He announced at breakfast that he was abandoned 2 weeks ago in Manchester after experiencing 3 flat tires.) Round trip 23 miles. --Donna


Tam said...

Conflicting baseball games and snack shack duty kept me from riding on Saturday. (The Pedal Partner party at Fenway the week before was on Saturday morning as well.) Been missing you all -- haven't been on the bike in 2 weeks! Ugh.

Thanks for the recap, Donna!!


Lynda said...

Sorry that I missed the ride. I had a 200k event and not only rode through pockets of rain at times, but had some nice 3-mile climbs to contend with!

Let's hope for nice, sunny, warm weather for next Sat!