Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Wishing a Happy Memorial Day to all -- and sending a big thank you to all of the Cyclopaths who have served our country. Looks like great weather ahead for our Memorial Day Weekend ride! (7:00 am start). Could be a hot one, so bring along an extra water bottle!


Cyclopath-Donna said...

Had a nice ride on Saturday. At the Salem start were: Jeff & Ben, Ethan, Jim, Lynda, Steve-Bob, Ed, Marji, Sheldon, Donna & off the DL Drew. We picked up Ducky over the bridge and soon lost Jeff & Ben. After the dry cleaner stop most of the crew continued on to Boxford. Drew, Donna, Marji and Sheldon decided to ride to Hendersons and then looped thru Bradley Palmer after.
The weather looked threatening at times and was a bit chilly. The sites and sounds of Spring were a delight.
6:30 am next week!

Sprocket Girl said...

Ethan, Brian, Lynda, Steve-Bob, Wally, Ed & Ducky had breakfast at Wayne's General Store in Boxford. Ed decided to head towards Andover for a ride on the way back to his house (he and Lynda rode to the start in Salem from HOME), while Ducky travelled back towards Beverly. Steve-Bob, Ethan, Wally, Lynda and Brian rode through Georgetown and looped through Bradley Palmer Forest, Wally getting a flat tire along the way (when will the towns clean their streets?). Overheard were a few turkeys in the woods while changing Wally's flat, no sightings though.

It wasn't the perfect, sunny day, but it was rain-free, and you just can't complain about that!

It was nice to see Donna and Drew. Hopefully we'll see more of everybody in the up-coming weekends!

Tam said...

Will post your reports in the main section of the blog. :-) Thanks for the recaps!