Thursday, May 14, 2009

CRW's Spring Century

The Charles River Wheelmen's Spring Century sneaks up this weekend -- one of the earliest centuries on the 2009 calendar. Routes travel through the Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire, as well as Boxford, Groveland and Topsfield. (All routes pass through Harold Parker State Forest). A few Cyclopaths are rumored to be riding (at least the half century) if the weather is good.


Sprocket Girl said...

Rain or shine, I'm on the 100.

Sprocket Girl said...

It was rainy for the first 30-40 miles, then the roads dried out and we only had to contend with a little wind from time to time. It was a great training ride! There was around 3,000 total feet of climbing, the weather changes were as much a part of my training as the terrain and the longer water stop distance (water stop 1 was at mile 47, a typical brevet-style distance). My legs felt very fresh at the end, a definite sign that all of the hard work up to this point is paying off.

The surroundings were all farmlands and woodlands, a few town centers and many friendly faces. We rode through Harold Parker Forest in North Andover, the same route that I have planned for a future Boxford-bound ride (when folks are up to that distance, around 47 miles total).

It was a great day all-in-all. I don't know if Bruce rode, I know that Lisa did not, and I missed seeing familiar Cyclopath faces. Maybe next year we'll ride that event together.

Map of the ride can be found at