Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boxford and Bradley Palmer Loop

We had a mostly-cloudy day on Saturday's chilly ride to Boxford, with thirteen Cyclopaths enjoying breakfast at Wayne's (aka Boxford General Store). Happy to see Michael K. taking a break from his studies to join us! Also back with the pack was Wally, who took advantage of the weather in Florida to ride, ride, ride all winter! (So good to see you both!) Paul G. managed to make it through the day without a flat, and Ducky went M.I.A. until she caught up with the group near the airport. Yay! Also enjoying the great day were Ethan, Gail, Sheldon, Margie, Joan and Paul, Steve-Bob, Lynda and Tam. After breakfast, (and a photo op which Wally and Guertin missed), a few took the 3 mile loop through the forest, while the others headed back to Salem. A quick 30-mile day.


Bruce K said...

I'm sure crossing paths (Cherry Street and Route 97 at the light by the convenience store) doesn't quite count as being there.

Nice to see a good group of Cyclopaths on the road.

See you all at Sea Glass.


Tam said...

Sorry Bruce! Didn't see you! :-)

Bruce K said...

I only saw Gail as we crossed paths at the traffic light.

You guys were pretty scattered up and down 97.

Looks like a great weekend for riding coming up.

Be safe everyone.