Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Post-Weekend Wrap-up

Our numbers are rising again, with eleven twelve Cyclopaths hitting the roads last weekend! Showing up for Saturday's ride to The Something Different Cafe were Av, Paul G., Sheldon, Margie, the Prices, Queen Kathy, Ethan, Jim M. (from Ethan's Posse), Donna, Tam and Gail. -- Ethan and Jim took a detour out to Topsfield and then caught up with us on the way home, while Bill, Barb, and Laurie joined us for breakfast! The skies were mostly gray, but the temps were mild making it a nice day for a ride. Next week: Manchester?


Gail said...

I was there, too!


Tam said...

Oops! Of course you were! Sorry about that! ;-)

Bruce K said...

Saturday's weather looks to be in the low 70's.

If you guys go to Manchester we might get a chance to wave at each other in passing.

Smile and say "Hi!".


Sprocket Girl said...

Manchester, w/the Gloucester option, sounds absolutely fabulous to me!