Saturday, April 25, 2009

Last Weekend in April

Gorgeous day for a ride -- the best day of the year so far! Nice to see a large group of Cyclopaths heading north to Manchester on Saturday! Joining us for a great day of riding were Sam, Av, Sheldon, Carl, Paul G., Margie, Paul P., Steve-Bob, Ducky, Gail, Lynda, Ed, Tam, Bob H., Jeff, and BEN! Sixteen in all! (We ran into Bruce in Manchester, looking great in his other group's jersey.) Jeff and Ben stopped with us in Manchester before moseying along, while the rest of us ate at the Beach Street Cafe. Following a quick trip to Singing Beach, (where Margie couldn't quite get the sand to sing, but led the rest of us in song), we all returned home to Salem. Great ride, great day -- Dare I say summer is here?


Bruce K said...

It was nice to see everyone.

WE left Manchester at 8:00 and headed over to the Wenham fire station on 1A where the group topped out at about 22 riders.

My ride covered 52 miles in just under 3 hours of riding time.

It was much warmer inland as we were able to shed the vests and warmers by the time we reached Boxford.

Ride safe.

Bruce K

A wonderful spring day in New England.

Anonymous said...

good morning

school winding down - few weeks to go - there was a news report this morning stating Manchester by the sea will not tolerate loud noise in the area - the story is that a local resident was yelling at 4AM from his porch and they will put him in jail for 60 days, even though he has confirmed medical issues - maybe we should make sure we have bail money and an attorney when we sing at the beach!! Sam be careful!!