Sunday, March 15, 2009

More from The Wheel Paper, Fall 1994

Block Island Trip
Fourteen of our finest riders spent a magnificent day touring Block Island, Rhode Island on Saturday, June 25th (1994). The event was highlighted by the presence of Billy Starr and his wonderful/beautiful wife Meredith, magnificent views/scenery all day, and a spectacular lunch at Dead Eye Dick's. Unfortunately, one of our members stiffed the group for $20 at lunch, and as a result, the remainder of the trip was somewhat tension-filled.

The group spent Saturday evening at Point Judith and had a very bad clambake dinner at a tourist rip-off joint recommended by Bill Cantor. On Sunday, it was breakfast in Narragansett at a wonderful little converted garage that is owned and operated by a notorious Rhode Island mobster. It actually served a good breakfast (expensive, like Av Hammer likes it). All had a great time, including Brenda White, who unfortunately ran out of money and washed dishes on Sunday. Tour organizer, Jon Peck, promised next year's outing would be even more exciting. He also admitted he misled the group on the distance to the Breakfast Hut. Way to go, Johnny.

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