Sunday, March 29, 2009

Patriots Day Weekend Ride

On the 18th of April there will be a ride from the Paul Revere statue (behind Old North Church in Boston's North End) to Lexington for a picnic/BBQ. The event is spearheaded by The Patriot Peddlers, lead by Danny Watts and his son, (long-time supporters of the Best Buddies organization), and coordinated by Best Buddies. A number of tandems with buddies on them are expected to ride. A great chance to see how important the work of this organization is, and its impact on those who participate. More details later. --Carl


Sprocket Girl said...

Carl, I wish that I could attend, but I have a ride already for that day. I will keep it on the mind for next year!

- Lynda

Tam said...

Here is a test.... Carl's original email began,

"On the 18th of April but not '75, the real Patriot's Day, there will be a ride from the Paul Revere statue in the park behind Old North Church to Lexington for a picnic/BBQ."

Does everyone know what date he's referencing? Because I didn't get it and he had to explain it to me! ;-)