Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Longer M.I.A.

Great to see Ed coming out of retirement this weekend, dusting off his bike for the first time since PMC '07! March 25th was probably the earliest start of the season for Ed, as he frequently commented that yesterday's ride was the second coldest he's ever been on. Nice to have you back, Ed!! We missed you!


Sprocket Girl said...

Welcome back, Ed!

Tam and Ed are having a little friendly competition with losing some pounds before the PMC (Tam or Ed can fill in what the specifics are), and with biking season here, I'm sure that the both of them will be piling on the miles!

I will help out with the motivation! ;-)

Mad Martha's anyone?... :)

Tam said...

O.K. the bowl of ice cream I just had isn't going to help me. :-)

Good to see you back, Ed!