Sunday, March 29, 2009

News from Florida

Hooray! We heard from Wally over the weekend down in Florida! He reports, "Up until 2 weeks ago, I was riding 200 mile weeks down here in Florida. I was probably in the best riding shape in the past several years. Then it happened... Crash! A slow rider decided to make a U-turn just as I was passing him on the left. I hit him broad side and went flying. This old body can't take hits like that anymore! I'm now left with two injured shoulders - yes, both of them. Currently doing PT 3-times a week. I'm slowly recovering. Still planning to come home in a few weeks. See you soon", --Wally


Tam said...

It was fun to hear from you... but so sorry to hear about your crash! Hope you heal fast, Wally!!! See you soon!


Sprocket Girl said...

Wow - I hope that the other rider's insurance is paying for your doctors bills! Bad move/judgment from the rider making the u-turn. I am glad that you are on the mend.

Heal well my friend, and we'll ride soon enough! Miss ya!

- Lynda

Bruce K said...

Get better soon, Wally.

Unless the guy has a liablility umbrella policy, I would be surprised if any insurance other than Wally's covered this one.

It would probably take legal action to get money from the moron making the u-turn.