Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Madness

The weather looks mild for this weekend's ride! Hope to see more Cyclopaths at the bus stop on Saturday! With last Sunday's time change (Daylight Saving and the unfortunate loss of an hour), the mornings are little darker. Should we stick with the 7:30 start through March? Take our poll!


Lynda said...

I can't make it - I will be in RI with my mother, who is having knee surgery today.

Have a great ride, and I'll see everyone next weekend!

Lynda said...

Have a great ride today folks! I'll be looking forward to hearing about it!

Tam said...

Ha. I was the only one who showed up on a bike -- Donna met me by car at the bus stop. No one else showed up! I'd like to remind everyone that it was Donna who suggested the early jump on the season. ;-)

It was 26 degrees at the parking lot. Brrrr.... cold morning. We had breakfast at Red's, with The Queen joining us for coffee and a bite to eat a short while after Donna's call. Nice to catch up!

Bruce K said...

It was a little nicer (34 degrees) at 9:15 when the 4C ride started and it warmed up nicely by the end at noon. I jumped in at BRB in Hamilton for about 31 miles in a little under 2 hours.

Hang in there, it will be hot before you know it.