Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Chill

Who's riding this month?? Three weeks ago, we were anxious to get a start on the season, enjoying breakfast at the Beverly Airport. Ten riders voted in this month's poll -- 7 picked a 7:30 am March start, with 2 preferring the traditional 7 am! So where is everyone?

Tam was alone at the bus stop last week until Donna arrived by car. And not wanting to ride alone this morning, March 21, Lynda headed out with Quad Cycles. Did anyone else ride today? Who will be riding next week? Leave a comment on the blog and check in!


Tam said...

Checking in --

I'm riding on Saturday, March 28th! Felt a little under the weather this week and didn't ride today, but plan to be at the bus stop at 7:30 next Saturday. Hope to see SOMEONE there!! (Donna, you better be there on a bike!)

Lynda, hope you had a good ride with QC.


Lynda said...

I would like to get together and ride next weekend, heck, I wanted us to ride today! So I hope that we get temps that are a little friendlier for you all to get on out and start turning the cranks.

I had a very nice ride with Quad Cycles today. We did 45 miles in Concord and Carlisle, starting from the shop in Arlington Heights. The cold weather wasn't even noticeable once we all got moving, and most certainly once we hit Strawberry Hill - a nice series of leg-burners that lead from Concord into Lincoln. We stopped at Fern's Deli on Rt 225 in Carlisle for a "lunch stop" (really it is to refill water and get some goodies from the counter).
I hope that whatever you did today that you enjoyed the day! And I hope to see you next weekend!

Bruce K said...

I was out with the 4C's.

30 degrees at ride start for 48 miles at about 18mph.

THAT was BRUTAL !!! (but fun)

I am planning to make the Passover ride, probably on my fixie.

Keep safe.

Bruce K

Lynda said...


It is great when it hurts so good. :)

Bruce K said...

You betcha.

2 hours today and an even slightly higher average (believe me, it wasn't planned to be that way) and now my legs are total rubber!

Tomorrow after work will be a recovery ride and then a trainer day Tuesday with a rest day on Wednesday. THAT will feel good.

Hope to see you all soon,


Anonymous said...

You guys are CRAZY. I'm the fair weather biker and will see you guys when the temps are warmer. Plus it's stil ski season. Hope everyone is well. cheers drew

Tam said...

I agree -- Lynda and Bruce, you're both crazy. But we love you anyway.

I think it's supposed to be warmer by next weekend. Crossing my fingers.