Thursday, March 05, 2009

Get Ready to Ride!

Remember when the Cyclopaths used to bike in the winter -- through blizzards and nor'easters -- and a hundred miles to boot? (O.K.... it was before my time, but I've heard stories!) Plan to ride this Saturday and get an early jump on Spring. Yes, it's still freezing out and there is snow on the ground, but we aren't called "Cyclopaths" for nothing!

7:30am start in Salem, (8am breakfast at the Beverly Airport.) Bundle up and see you Saturday!


Tam Cronin said...

Photo: Av, Sheldon and Sam enjoy breakfast in Nahant, February 1982.

Tam Cronin said...

Does anyone have any worthless inner tubes they are planning to discard? I'm teaching an art class next month at the school and need inner tubes for one of the class projects.

Bruce K said...

I'll fish some out of the trash can and try to drop by the airport after my gym session. It should be around 8:45.


Ben said...


I have some tubes for you and if you can use a couple of worthless tires, they are yours.


michael K said...

funny - i thought it looks more like 1882!! - i did not know Sam could smile?? Avie looks like a handsome young lad now doesn't he now?? sheldon looks quit dapper with his beard!!

happy st patricks day in advance to all my friends -