Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Wheel Paper, Fall 1994

Inaugural Issue
The Wheel Paper is a randomly published newsletter for riders of the Saturday Morning Salem Biking Group and their families, friends (if any), and sick relatives. It is an extension of the deceit, lies, and unfavorable comments made weekly by members of the group to each other. Its intent is to provide as much information as possible, stimulate debate, and cause discomfort and uncertainty among its members. We hope you enjoy our efforts.

What's in a name?
As we drew closer to publishing the first issue of The Wheel Paper, we wanted to be as accurate as possible with our facts and present a clear history of the group. One point that came up a number of times was the name of our group and its origin. The name Cyclopaths is seen prominently on T-shirts of some group members, but on further investigation, it seems this may not be the official name after all.

No one will admit to actually coining the name and some group members were and are disturbed that this name exists, as a sampling of comments from fellow bikers attests:

  • "The name sucks It's really stupid"
  • "Whoever came up with that name is an idiot (he knows us!)"
  • "I think the name is descriptive, it fits the weird personalities of the group"
Surprise! We have controversy!

Let's hear from you as to what you think our group should be called. We'll run a contest - almost fair and square.

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ccm said...

Love the Name!...Lets face facts Fits! :)