Friday, February 20, 2009

Pre-Season Bike Prep

To get you ready for the Spring cycling season, our friends at Salem Cycle will take $10 off your bike tune-up if you get it to them by March 16th! Simply click on the coupon to the left, print it out, and bring it with you when you drop off your bike! How simple is that?

(Thanks, Dan, at Salem Cycle!)


Tam Cronin said...

Just an FYI -- Salem Cycle sent out a postcard with this coupon. (Also included on the postcard was a coupon for 50% off 2nd bike tune up and 20% off any one part or accessory.) I gave Dan a call this morning and asked him if I could extend this coupon to the group. He said "yes", and that I could copy it and put it on our website. You just need to print it out and bring the coupon with you when you drop off your bike. Yay!

Bruce K said...

This is something everyone should jump on.


Good of you to get him to help out the whole group.

Regular cleaning, adjusting, etc. makes your bike ride sooo much nicer.

Also, cables need periodic replacement, as do tires and chains.

This sounds like a good deal.