Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More from The Wheel Paper, Fall 1994

The Donna Cohen Classic
On Saturday, July 20th, eighteen riders participated in an all-day 80 and 100 mile ride from Newburyport through southern New Hampshire (Portsmouth, Eliot) to York Harbor, Maine, and back through Rye and Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. It was a wonderful day highlighted by the participation of a part-time bicycle guide from Backroads, Inc. (a California touring company), retained by Av Hammer for the benefit of the group. Bob Toby plans to be with us again this fall. He even synchronized the varsity and junior varsity riders.

The Cohen Classic was a weak non-event last year, with only four riders and no name. Once Donna Cohen offered to sponsor the event and attach her name to this pre-PMC century ride, it more than tripled its ridership. Next year's ride is in the planning stages and will be bigger than ever.

A survey of those not participating gave a little insight into the pettiness and narrow-mindedness of some of our riding brethren. Sample quotes on why they didn't participate in this wonderful event:

  • "I just don't like Donna Cohen."
  • "I'll never start a biking event that doesn't start in Salem."
  • "My mommy wouldn't let me go."
  • "It's for religious reasons and personal."

There were others, some quite obscene comments, but you get the picture. Thanks, Donna, and we'll see you next year.

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