Saturday, February 14, 2009

February Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Brenda (Feb 12th), Av (Feb 13th), and our long-lost Cyclopath Ellen (Feb 17th) up in New Hampshire! And of course wishing all a Happy Valentine's Day!


ccm said...

Hope you two have a very Happy Birthday!
Mazltov (tsu dayn geboyrn-tog)
מזל־טובֿ צו דײַן געבוירנטאָג

Tam Cronin said...

Do we have any other February birthdays? Happy birthday Brenda, Av and Ellen!!!

Lynda said...

My anniversary was Feb 14, do anniversaries count?

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Lynda!!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Singing- Happy Anniversary to you..... : )

Tam Cronin said...

Happy birthday to Ellen today!