Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thinking of April

With more snow expected over the weekend, grab a cup of tea and browse through some of the cycling catalogs that may have arrived in your mailbox recently. (Or check out their websites!) All of the retail outlets are having a clearance sale this month, with massive savings! Thinking of picking up a heart rate monitor? Need new eyewear? (I do!) Is it time to replace the cleats on your shoes or the tires on your bike? Now is a good time to think about spring! Take advantage of the savings and us know if you find a good deal! (Note new poll! What cycling accessory can you not live without?)


Bruce K said...

Check your local bike shops too.

On-line retailers can't change a tube, fix a broken spoke, or do anything else to keep you rolling in a pinch.

HArborside Cycles in Gloucester has closed, let's try to make sure the other shops survive.

Just my 2 cents.


Lynda said...

Wow - I did not know that Harborside closed! That is too bad. I shop at Quad Cycles for most of my supplies, unless they don't have it, then I shop Performance Bike. There is nothing that compares to dealing with someone in person, especially if it's a small shop that genuinely cares about your satisfaction.

My audax bike is now complete, just have to get on it and do some checking of handlebar height and such. it was built from the frame up at Quad Cycles, and I was very happy to give them my business. I will go through them to purchase rear rack, panniers and handlebar bags in a few more months as well.

Bruce K said...


Just to be clear, Harborside was the small shop in Gloucester.

SeaSide cycle is the shop in Manchester and they are doing just fine, as is Bay Road Bikes in Hamilton.

I am with you all the way LBS (Local Bike Shop) first, internet last.

Have a great winter.