Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pan Mass Challenge 1984 - More from the Archives

Av sends along this fun article published in the Salem Evening News just prior to the Cyclopaths' first Pan Mass Challenge in 1984! (Click photo to read the article.) Av writes: "Our first PMC was September 12, 1984. We stayed at Camp Bourne, a boys' camp on this side of the canal. Then on to Provincetown. Sam hasn't changed a bit. Note his mysterious comment: 'We are taking care of my (financial) obligations in other ways'." --Av

Great article and photo! Thanks Av!! (P.S. Av also mentions he was 52 at the time, but we find that hard to believe. Av, you look like a kid!)


Anonymous said...

michael K comment

the article cut off this part;
"After arriving from Mars (a long journey) and somehow landing in Salem Mass., the home of the witches, we left our spaceship on Chestnut Street and...Av writes "

Cyclopath-Donna said...

GREAT PIC! And nice article.
A nice tribute to the Cyclopath originals aka founding feathers.

Lynda said...

Just a note:

The Cyclopaths are going to be featured on Monday's PMC blog on Wordpress!

I am on Facebook, and there's a PMC FB group on there. They were looking for stories and old photos to feature on the blog's "30 years in 30 weeks" feature. I sent along the link to our website and the photo archive. Below is the response from Jackie at the pmc office:

Hi Lynda....Great suggstion. The North Shore Cyclopaths are going to be featured in the next installment of 30 Years in 30 weeks on the PMC blog Check it out Monday!

Tam Cronin said...

Great minds think alike. I sent a message a few weeks ago along with some archive photos. Here is the response I got:

"I'm going to post the
pictures with the story about 1985... so check the blog in a few weeks!"

Stephanie Chelf
Teak Media Communications
416 West Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127

Lynda said...

yes, Stephanie is one of my Facebook friends! She told me that this Monday is when the Cyclopaths will be spotlighted.

They just featured Glynn Hawley for the 1984 year.

Lynda said...

Correction, Rick Luppy was the 1984 spotlight. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

What a photo!