Saturday, November 01, 2008

First of November

It's getting chilly!! (And it's still dark at 7 am!) Did anyone ride today, November 1st?

Whether you rode with the Cyclopaths, another group, or on your own... we'd love to hear from all of you diehards still hitting the roads in November!


Bruce K said...

3 of us 4C's departed Club Xcel in Hamilton at 9:00.

We added 4 more at the Wenahm Fire Station on 1A and rode up to Smolak Farms for coffee and pastries.

While there another group of 6 rolled in having started in Manchester.

A fairly brisk ride back through Topsfield and Ipswich brought us back to Hamilton averaging 17.5mph over 41 miles.

It was a GORGEOUS day to be out and almost eveyone was overdressed by the time we got back.

More fun is planned for tomorrow as some of us a trying to keep going through the end of cyclocross season.

I have a race next Saturday in Plymouth and the following Sunday in Haverhill. Then I might pull the plug.


Lynda said...

Hey all!

Today Quad Cycles rode out from the shop at 10, rode 50 miles with them (and they also ride on Sundays as well), trying to sustain the good base throughout the winter months in order to start out the brevet season in April. It was certainly a gorgeous day for everything outdoors!

A few other going's on to note:

I gave my first platelet donation last Tuesday. I will be donating every two weeks at Dana Farber.

Also, I will be having an addtion to my family! No... not that... :p

I'm having my randonneuring bike built! At the heart of it is a beautiful cobalt metallic blue Soma Smoothie ES frame, and it'll have Ultegra group, complete with a triple chainring for those mountains, and a Schmidt Son generator hub for the lighting needs. It has been a busy few weeks!

I hope everyone had a great ride or whatever you did outdoors today!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

No riding for me this weekend. I spent Saturday morning at a seminar in Peabody. I won a nice raffle prize- a basket full of chocolate goodies. In the afternoon I watched field hockey. My team made it to the State Tournament but we lost in the first round.
Hope everyone is well!