Monday, October 27, 2008

The "Who's Stupid Idea was this Anyway?" Ride

(or "Oops We Did It Again Adventure")
Recap by Donna.

Six Cyclopaths rode out of Salem on Saturday, including Sheldon, Steve-Bob, Margie, Paul G., Gail, and Donna. (Ducky met us at the bridge, bringing our total to 7.) It was a chilly 43 degrees to start, overcast and very Halloween-like. We decided to pedal to Boxford to take in the foliage. (Margie, getting over a cold, stopped at the Beverly Airport -- and Ducky turned back at our traditional Topsfield stop.) The foliage was admirable and the temp declined to 39. We enjoyed breakfast at our usual stomping ground. Not crowded at all. Food was good and the coffee warm and breakfast entertaining.

After breakfast, we headed to Bradley Palmer. Steve-Bob led us on scenic backroads until... OOPS... the bridge is still out! We could not pedal into the park! We continued up the road toward Ipswich and took a detour which turned into a dirt/gravel road. A horse and buggy went by, the road much more suited to that type of travel. We made our way back to 1A and Salem, filled with tourists and witches. A nice 33 mile foliage ride.

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