Tuesday, October 07, 2008

October Chill, Nice Day

Looks like a fun group headed out to Hamilton last weekend on a gorgeous Saturday! Lynda sends this pic for the blog and will write a quick wrap-up soon. It was a chilly day -- and everyone appears to be bundled up for the cold, (including Gail, Lynda, Margie, Ducky, Steve-Bob and especially Sheldon!). Hmmm... but wait! Wally and Paul wore shorts?!


Lynda said...

The day started out at a chilly 44degF and quite breezy. Wally, Gail, Lynda, Margie, Sheldon, Steve-Bob and Paul (who rode in SHORTS) departed Salem after what seemed like a lengthy deliberation (Steve-Bob was ready to call Sam to preside!), for Hamilton, deciding on breakfast at Henderson’s. Due to our lateness with our decision, Ducky met us on the Salem side of the Beverly Bridge (possibly unsure if anyone was going to be riding in the cooler temps?)

With everyone rolling at a nice social pace, we made our way to breakfast, where we made ourselves at home with two tables.

There was much chatter going on. Sheldon, Ducky, Lynda and Margie at table 2 engaged in nutrition conversation. What was table 1 talking about? Anyone? The place was buzzing!

After breakfast, Gail and Sheldon turned towards Salem, and Steve-Bob, Wally, Lynda and Ducky continued on to ride a loop to Ipswich, enjoying the crisp, Autumn air and the turning foliage. The temps mid-morning were absolutely nice to ride in, no perspiration build-up, just a nice warm feeling from pedaling. All in all, a nice fall outing.

Tam Cronin said...

Great Wrap-Up!! Are you riding tomorrow?? Wanna write another ride review for the blog?

The next possible time for me to meet you all on a Saturday is November 1st. Time is flying too fast. I'm taking a few courses this fall, and they're all on Saturdays. (It's difficult during the week with the kids.)

Hope you have a great ride!! I will be thinking of you!

Lynda said...

I won't be there for a few weeks as well, October brings lots of birthdays in my family (including mine), so we're starting the marathon of celebrations!

Who will step up to the plate to write Saturday's wrap-up? Any takers?