Sunday, October 12, 2008

The "It is all about the breakfast ride"

Or.. "The Depot Diner, Omelette Headquarters, AND Something Different Ride")

It was a chilly start, 47 degrees, as Sheldon, Gail, and Donna set out from Salem -- meeting Ducky on the bridge. On our way through Beverly, Gail discovered "Omelette Headquarters" on Rantoul Street -- though we continued on and enjoyed breakfast at The Depot Diner (despite a nagging fly). The sun warmed things up after breakfast and we admired the foliage as we pedaled up Rt 1A, detoured onto Rt 1B, and over to the Beverly Airport. There was talk of a ride out to Bradley Palmer, but with many items on everyone's agenda, we headed back to Salem. We pedaled by MANY tourists and buses, payed homage to Roger Conant, and headed home. A good time was had by all. (Note: I did not have my camera on me so pics are from previous rides.) -- Donna

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