Tuesday, September 09, 2008

PMC Team 2009 - 30 Cyclopaths in Bourne!

Next year marks the 30th Anniversary of the PMC. What an amazing journey the ride has taken, starting from humble beginnings in 1980 to the mega-event it is today. It's been fun browsing through Sheldon's archives of early PMC's, and catching a glimpse of those salad days. Click photo for better view!

As the event has grown, so has the fundraising minimum, forcing many of our riders to bow out. For next summer, lets do it BIG, and get 30 Cyclopaths on board! Whether you are riding or volunteering, "Bourne or Bust" is our goal. We'll keep a roll call on the blog and list everyone who is riding or volunteering in 2009. (We may also consider hosting a fundraising event to ease some of the fundraising burden.) PMC 2009 will be a great event, we'll have a fun time together, and The Jimmy Fund benefits. So who's on board?


Bruce K said...

Great idea, Tammy.

If I don't make a return trip to Colorado, I would definitely be in for riding or volunteering.

Too soon to say.


Anonymous said...

I'll be riding, can't miss the 30th year. Looking forward to it drew

Lynda said...

I'm there!

Tam Cronin said...


Yes, this is a little early. but we want people to start thinking about it now. Sam mentioned last week, after talking with Billy, that they expect the registration to move quickly in January. If you want to ride, you'll need to get your registration done ASAP. (As soon as registration opens. No sitting on it.)

If you're planning to volunteer, registration will be in March. There are many opportunities to volunteer in Bourne.

Captain Drew will manage the administration aspects -- if you haven't been on our official team before, she can add you!!

So far we have three on board (not including Bruce, yet). 27 to go...

Cyclopath-Donna said...

I am in. Saturday ride, celebrate in Bourne, Sunday volunteer.

-- Lynda- How was the Flattest Century? It turned into a nice day. Although the winds were VERY strong. I hope you had fun and had a nice ride.