Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Weekend of Summer

It was cold on Saturday -- (just over 40 degrees)-- but a small group bundled up for the ride to Beverly Airport, including Donna, Av, Gail, Jeff, Ducky, and two of Meg's friends, Linda and Alison. Joining them for breakfast were Laurie, Bill, and Barbara -- (Jeff left early to be home by 9:00).

Following breakfast, the gang checked out the World War II airplanes on display at the airport for the weekend. Reluctantly, they passed up the opportunity to ride in one for $425.00 per person. Afterwards, some of the group headed back to Salem, while others rode out to Hamilton/Wenham, with a stop at (Av & Laurie's granddaughter) Abby's soccer game. (Abby scored two goals! Hooray Abby!). Chilly day. Summer has come to an end.

(Combined ride reports from Av, Gail and Donna; Photo by Av.)

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