Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GSW Seacoast Century

Lynda and Ethan celebrated the end-of-summer with a ride up the New Hampshire coast on Saturday. The GSW Seacoast Century mirrors the Tri-State Cohen Classic, minus the blazing heat. Despite a chilly start, it sounds like a beautiful ride and great day. You can read Lynda's full report in the comments section of this post.


Lynda's ride report said...

Hey Tam,

I thought that you'd like a few pix from the seacoast century ride.
The ride was so pretty, and the cooler temps made this a wonderful trek up and down the coast. It was in the low 40's around 7:30am (brrr!), tights and arm warmers/jackets were definitely on for the first 16 miles that looped around Salisbury. Upon returning to Hampton Beach, we shed tights, opting for arm-warmers going up into Kittery Point, where our 2nd water stop was located, then those where stowed away. By then it was well into the low 60's. We whisked along, the wind not really being a big issue, as it was Easterly, every once in a while, when our direction on a street would change, we'd feel some wind resistance or a nice push. We saw a healthy bunch of Quad Cycles members, taking up on the "road trip" up north, with the bulk of the Quad Crew participating in the annual Harbor To The Bay event (130-mile AIDS benefit from Boston to PTown). I saw a few folks from the randonneuring crowd, on their pretty Rivendells, and of course they asked if I knew Emily and her bf Jake. So many folks out there enjoying a great day!

You know, with this essentially being the Cohen Tri-State with organized water stops (and a shorter 60-mile option), it screams Cyclopath representation! How many will ride next year's Seacoast Century? I'd love to see a good group of us up there! Maybe have a bbq of our own after? Mmmmm!

Tam Cronin said...


Sounds like a great ride! I chose the photo of you and Ethan for the blog. Nice with the lighthouse in the background!

Just as an FYI -- I can only post one photo per blog entry. If I try and get in two, I can't also add text. The text doesn't wrap well.

cape cod mike said...

kudos to you both! :)

Anonymous said...

Looking great!