Friday, August 01, 2008

Pre-PMC Friday

Another fabulous time at the Kelleher's last night! Many thanks again to Ann and Michael for the wonderful evening.

If my math is correct, there are 14 Cyclopaths riding in this year's PMC, spread out over 3 different routes. (That's low, compared to the 24 riders we had last year!)

Wellesley Riders this year are Ethan, Donna, Sheldon, Mike Meehan, Mike Kelleher, Little Dave, Jeff (and Ben) -- with Sam, Bill Cantor, and Tammy riding Sunday. -- Sturbridge Riders this year include Lynda, Mojito Dave, and Brian Carver (Have I forgotten someone? BRENDA! -- riding out of Sturbridge.

On the Volunteer Crew this year are Drew, Lisa, Manny, Ed, Ann Kelleher and Mike Cronin.

Bring your Cyclopath jersey for the Team Photo at 5:45. Drew is organizing. (Good to get her cell phone number.) Bring your camera. More photos are needed from you Sturbridge riders!

For Cyclopaths not riding this weekend's PMC, the regular Saturday ride will head out of Salem, same time, same place!


Lynda said...

I believe that Ethan is starting in Wellesley as well, as he mentioned to me one weekend that he intends to return to Sturbridge for next year.

See you all at MMA!

- Lynda :o)

Tam Cronin said...

Thanks Lynda -- Will fix that. We missed you last night! (Lisa, Brian and Sam too!)

Great party at Michael and Ann's -- Thanks again to both for a nice evening! Ann is an amazing cook. LOVED the eggplant!

Fun to see Little Dave on his motorcycle. Ed sent a pic -- Will post after the PMC. (Busy weekend.) Mojito Dave made an excellent Non-Mojito. Forgot what it was called. Brazilian-something. And Ed brought a CHERRY pie, in addition to his famous blueberry. (The Cronin boys told me that Ed made better pies than their Dad. Oooohh. Tough competition.)

Hope to see many of you in Bourne -- Mike and I are doing luggage at MMA and will see you when you get in. PACK LIGHTLY.

Have a GREAT, SAFE ride

Cyclopath-Donna said...

OOPs. THE Mother of all Cyclopaths- BRENDA was missing from the Sturbridge list. She warmed up on the streets of the Tour de France. : )
I think Jeff and Ben are leaving from Sturbridge this year and riding to P-town.

THANK YOU to Ann and Michael on a wonderful evening. Great food and great friends. A great time!

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Tam Cronin said...

Another oops. How can I forget darling BRENDA?! Fortunately, she doesn't read the blog and won't notice my error. :-) ;-)

THANKS DREW FOR REGISTERING ME! Duh... I forgot my ID. Drew vouched for me at registration tonight, so my trip to Wellesley (with the boys in tow) wasn't in vain.

Too bad you can't register by mail. Sure hated the 2 hours in traffic on the way home. Would have been easier to register the day-of.

Cyclopath-Donna said...

We had a GREAT PMC on Saturday. Sheldon, Michael Kelleher and I rode together and made it into Bourne ~ 4:15 pm. The weather held, til we crossed the finish line. Sheldon finished before Lynda. Lynda was riding out of Sturbridge with her friend Jenn (apparently at a social pace).
At the finish were Tammy, Drew, and Sir Michael Kelleher Jr. to greet us. Cyclopaths Brenda, Mojito Dave, Little Dave, Brian Carver, Ethan, Danvers Dave, and Ed were all spotted at MMA. I did not see Mike Meehan.
During the ride I blew my whistle and immediately heard "Donna?" It was Carol from Salem that rode with us a few years ago. And then when we pulled into the lunch stop I blew my whistle to locate Sheldon and Michael Kelleher and immediately heard "Donna?" It was a friend from Connecticut Eileen and I was not sure if she was riding this year. Sure enough she was standing right in front of me!