Friday, August 22, 2008

PMC Photo Gallery

Of the 3200 photos taken by PMC photographers this year, only Mike K. has shown up in the gallery! Anyone else find their pics at the PMC gallery? Clicking through the photos so far, not a single Cyclopath was photographed along the PMC route this year. Perhaps it is because of the shear number of riders -- 5,500 -- or more likely because we aren't wearing Kermit the frog, a stuffed animal, or flashing lights on our helmets! (The photographers are enamored with tricked out helmets.) Even our own Mike K. has fallen victim of this fashion trend -- caught wearing a clown hat at the Provincetown finish! :)


Anonymous said...

I thought Mike Kelleher was going to seminary school, now I come to find he's actually attending clown college???

Michael K said...

ONCE A CLOWN, ALWAYS A CLOWN - I don't want to say anthing but I really think it is Sam Zoll in a Michael Kelleher lookalike suit -