Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Ride

Wet roads on Saturday, with a spit of rain at the start of our ride. Our small gang of six included Lynda, Margie, Tam, Carl, Paul G. and Paul J. (henceforth known on the blog as "P. Giddy" and "Pierre"). The light rain tapered a bit, but without the promise of blue skies ahead, we rode off to Beverly Airport for breakfast and short miles. Note: The newly painted lines on the Bridge Street Bypass (does it have a real name?) are slick when wet!

Meeting us (nice and dry) at the Beverly Airport were Bill, (who opted not to ride the wet roads), Barbara, and Sue Burke! Bruce, planning to ride later in the day, also joined us for a cup of coffee!

Heading back to Salem, the gang regrouped at the top of the Beverly-Salem Bridge before splitting off. Caught loafing in Salem upon our return were Sam (in front of the Post Office) and Mojito Dave (in his car). Jeff and Ben, riding back to Marblehead from a Beverly/Wenham ride, also stopped to chat at the finish. Hope everyone enjoys the Labor Day Weekend! Next week: 7 a.m. start!

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Lisa said...

Is anyone doing the Flattest Century next Sunday? I am planning to do the 100 mile ride. I know Lynda is doing it as well. Anyone else?