Monday, August 04, 2008

Just Say No to Rain and Manchester

As the Cyclopaths gathered in Salem on Saturday under cloudy skies, we all hoped that those riding and volunteering for the PMC would make it through without a storm. With several riders feeling burned out from the Manchester route, Bill, Gail, Av, Laurie, Arlene, Paul, Joan, and Anne headed toward Salem where Ducky joined the group. After stopping in Beverly, Bill, Gail, Av, Laurie, and Ducky decided to ride to the Beverly Depot for breakfast while the remaining four headed on to Stone Soup in Ipswich. It misted a bit, but no rain! All in all, a very enjoyable morning! --Anne

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Tam Cronin said...

Thanks for the report Anne! I love the ride to Stone Soup -- they have a great breakfast there. :-)

Will post a PMC entry later today.