Monday, August 04, 2008

The 29th Pan Mass Challenge

Congratulations to all of the Cyclopaths riding and volunteering in this weekend's PMC! What a weekend! Aside from the wild weather, this year will be memorable for many things, including Sheldon, Donna and Mike K. finishing at the early time of 4:15 pm -- before the thunderous rain storm! And for Sam and Bill riding their 25th PMC on Sunday!

Brian Carver was speedy this weekend, crossing the finish line in Bourne around 11:30. Congratulations also to Lynda, Jeff, Ben, Ethan, Brenda, Mike Meehan, Mojito Dave, Little Dave and Danvers Dave(!) for their great rides.

Several Cyclopaths volunteered this weekend (Drew, Tam, and Mike C.) and were at the finish to cheer on the riders. (Sir Mike was also spotted cheering at the finish!) Ed volunteered in Bourne as well, and arranged for a team photo after the storm canceled our original plan. (Of course several missed the pic -- it's like herding cats sometimes.)

A wild thunderstorm came roaring into Bourne, nearly blowing away the tent, and scattering much of our post-ride socializing. Hoping Sunday's ride to Provincetown was great for all who rode. (Post a wrap-up in the comments if you get a chance!) It was a great PMC weekend for all, whether it was a one-day or 2-day event. A goal of $34 million dollars, sweat, gatorade, peanut butter and jelly, and the camaraderie of 5,500 cyclists working towards the same goal. Not a bad way to spend the weekend. (Pics to come.)

Next year: The PMC celebrates it's 30th year! Let's see if we can get 30 Cyclopaths to ride or volunteer!


Cyclopath-Donna said...

Yes, the plan for next year (the 30th PMC) is if you are not riding then volunteer in Bourne so we can all celebrate together!

"Next year in Bourne!"

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Congrats also to Lynda- who rode this PMC at a social pace with a friend. : )

Tam Cronin said...

Sunday's ride was a nice one. The humidity was high, but fortunately the temps weren't bad at all. The storms held off until after the ride.

Sam, Bill and I were the only Cyclopaths riding the Wellesley loop. Donna's friend, Janet was also riding -- along with 2 other friends, (another) Janet and Sharon. I hooked up with them sometime after lunch and rode to the end with them.

Highlights for me included: shuttling Sam to the Wellesley start and hearing great stories of early PMCs;

A great send-off at Babson by Gail, Manny, and Donna at the start. They got up early and made the trek to Wellesley!;

Riding with Bill in the morning -- 15 miles for him!;

Seeing my in-laws, Nancy and Fred, at the lunch stop!! What a great surprise -- I rode for Nancy this year, newly diagnosed with breast cancer.;

Finding Cyclopath signs along the way, (including birthday wishes, smiley stickers, chalk messages, and photos of Sue at the top of a few hills.) Donna was busy!!);

And being cheered on by Donna and Drew at the finish line. Thanks, both of you. It would have been lonely at the finish without you. You're the best!

Tam Cronin said...

YES -- Congrats to Lynda as well!!! I missed her in my earlier wrap-up. (Sorry Lyn!)

Lynda said...

Jen and I had a blast, taking in everything the pmc had to offer, including such fabulous natural beauty of Central Mass (though Jen wont count the mountai... um, hills.. as part of that natural beauty! She did it, and she should be proud of that accomplishment!

What Donna didn't mention was that she, Mike K and I visited my "pedal partner," if you will, Erica, now a cancer survivor, just before getting to Mass Maritime (Donna has pix I think). Turns out that Erica and Mike K used to work together! What a small world this is! So we visited with her for a bit (I stayed a little longer and got caught in the rain deluge), and both she and her husband Chris will be riding the pmc in the near future, so we will have some new in-training Cyclopaths! Chris I know wants to do it for next year, Erica wants to build up her strength before taking the ride on.

Seeing Erica with so much energy really made my weekend! And nails home just why I ride and raise this money. Her energy has passed along to me, and thus, I'm already in pmc mode for 2009.

I missed you all at the finish line (sniff). Saw Ethan and some of his posse and Mike and Anne.

Cyclopath-Donna said...

BIG CONGRATS to Tammy for volunteering in Bourne on Saturday and riding in Wellesley on Sunday! Tammy kept an eye on 25 year riders Bill and Sam and then went on to ride with Janet Fischer ( who drove the sag wagon at Sue's Seaglass ride and rode on Old Navy in her 2nd PMC) and Sharon Thomas (we did Katrina Relief work together in Mississippi) and J.B (aka Janet from Winthrop).

cape cod mike said...

Congrats to all the Cyclopath PMC riders and volunteers! You are all very very special :)


michael k said...

great job to all cyclopaths and family and friends with PMC 2008 - the ptown finish was lonely but i did check in ethan, mike strong, linda, brian carver at 9 15,(ps 11.30 on saturday was lunch not bourne, ben and jeff came in past me , and some other friends and a lot of wonderful riders - the saturday ride was wonderful (always great when you can ride 85 miles on a bike and not get hit by a car or other bicycle or get a flat!!) thank you sheldon and donna for working together to get it done - you both are awesome!) - sorry i could not get to join you inside the tent - michael and jill were at the finish and as soon as we came in it poured and thundered and we ran to the cars outside to get to brewster (ann and me) and home (michael and jill) - we had a few days of vacation with family (lucas is a stitch) at brewster and now back to work and school after labor day (and work!)- the reference to linda and erica at onset was quite an experience which i will share in person or insert in the blog as a reflection on what a small world it really is (it was quite powerful)- also our friend from toronto. marie, is quit impressed with you all and she has written a reflection that i will pass on to tammy for posting - well it has been a wonderful PMC - brenda was spectacular on her summary!! and now we move on - not sure of my biking plans for 2009 with school and work but count me in to support PMC 2009 (#30!)
thank you to all the cyclopaths - as we do whatever it takes to remember sue and barry and all those who suffer from cancer.
peace and blessings
michael and family