Thursday, August 07, 2008

2008 Summer Oympics

The media have been scrambling all over China this past month, as the Summer Games kick off this weekend in Beijing. Cycling is one of the first medal sports on the schedule, with top American cyclists Levi Leipheimer, Dave Zabriskie and George Hincapie, (maker of our terrific Cyclopaths jerseys!) competing in the Men's Road Race on Saturday. Fun!


Tam Cronin said...

Davis Phinney's son, Taylor, is also on the US Cycling team, participating in the individual Track competition.

I am most looking forward to the swimming!! Anyone else watching the Olympics this summer? It's probably one of the few sporting events on TV (aside from Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, etc...) that we can actually watch with the kids.

Bruce K said...

Taylor Phinney's qualifying races are on the 15th with finals to folow a day or so later.

It should be well covered as this 18 year old high school senior phenom takes on the world's best and might just medal.


Cyclopath-Donna said...

GO "Blue & Greenie" Hincapie! : )

Tam Cronin said...

Loving the Summer Olympics so far -- missed the cycling though. We were on a road trip with the kids and would put the Olympics on at night in our hotel, after the long day. They were fascinated with the swimming, but would eventually drift off to sleep. Fun to watch with the kids. Too many commercials though.