Friday, July 18, 2008

Weekend Reminders

The Tri-State Cohen Classic heads out of Portsmouth tomorrow at 6 a.m.; Donna sends a reminder to bring sunscreen and freeze your water bottles the night before -- it's going to be a hot one!!

Drew invites everyone to join her and Lisa at their traditional post-ride lunch at Not your Average Joe's. (Click here for directions).

And just a reminder: For those not riding the TSCC, the regular Saturday morning Cyclopaths ride meets at 6:30, at the bus stop, as usual. Happy riding to all -- Stay cool!


Email from Drew said...


Donna if you could forward to Cape Cod Mike, Ellen & Linda. I can't find their emails. Add anyone else riding you think would like to join us.

Like last year Lisa and I will be meeting for post lunch at Not Your Average Joes in NPort after the ride. If you're able to join us, remember to bring a change of clothes.

Sadly, I'm not be riding on Saturday. This weekend I got a really bad sunburn on my right shin and arm. And I don't think it would be a smart thing to be on a bike for hours in the hot sun.


Ducky said...

Good Luck and cool riding on the Cohen Classic. Duckyoancjhli

Cyclopath-Donna said...

We hope Steve-Bob made it home safely. Everyone else is accounted for. There were 9 riders including Little David.
Full report at a later date. No flats, no wipe outs, no problems at breakfast!