Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday Notes:

Nice to have Little Dave joining us again on Saturday--and Susan making the ride up to Gloucester with us! (Susan thinks it's been 20 years since she's done a ride to Gloucester.) Jeff and Ben passed us on the Salem/Beverly Bridge and took a few minutes to say hello before riding out to Lynnfield! Bruce waved and honked as he drove past us in Manchester, on his way down to Rhode Island for the day. Lynda must have been missing us on her Lobster Ride and Roll because she sent Mojito Dave a pic of her fruit bowl breakfast in Maine via cell phone. And we ran into European jet-setter Brenda and Matt at the common in Manchester!


Lynda said...

Uh, I thought that I was sending the pic to Donna! Maybe I have Dave's # under Donna's name in the phone's phonebook?

I did miss you folks!! I couldn't believe the fruit bowl that this Cafe had! It included: banana, apple, pineapple, orange, grapes, peaches, cantaloupe, and watermelon! WOW! I think that the Brass Compass Cafe just blew the Morning Glory off the #1 spot! They also had, you guessed it - a lobster omelette! Needless to say, I got there well over three hours before the Lobster Ride kicked off (to digest). The ride was good and hilly, and I mean one after the other type of hills, some of them were 7-15% grade for about 50 miles, then the last half was the same one-after-the-other hills, but way smaller (now that the energy meter was very low..) It was a great ride though, wonderful folks up there! There are shorter routes as well, for people not wanting to go the full 100 miles. So pretty!

We first went North to Belmont, ME (25 miles north of Rockland), via Camden Hills State Park, then back to Rockland, where, some called it a day, others stocked up on supplies and went out to loop the Southern part of the route, which led to Port Clyde, where we rode to the Marshall Point Lighthouse, then continued following the shoreline back to Rockland.

If anyone wants to ride this next year, let me know. I will be riding it again.

Sounds like you all had yourselves a great ride as well!

See you all at the Kellehers!

Lynda said...

And, ride data for Lobster Ride on Motionbased:

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Congrats on your Lobstah Ride. And yes, the Fruit Cup pic was sent to my phone. Without my bifocals I passed my phone around for others to read and see!
I was going to send you a pic of a fruit cup from Sugar Magnolia's but no one ordered one... There were yummy carrot cake pancakes, a spinach and cheese omelet, blueberry muffins and breakfast sandwhiches.
Glad you had nice weather for your Maine ride.

Cyclopath-Donna said...

That was a typo: sandwiches.

Tam Cronin said...

Correction: Donna's phone! I was at the other table when Dave passed the phone over to us. Lynda -- sounds like a good ride. How was the lobster roll? And did you get the cool Lobby-socks?

Lynda said...

Lobster roll was awesome, all lobster, virtually no filler (minimal mayo, no celery or anything like that, a little letuce), and YUMMMO!

I sent Tam a pic of the lobster socks and some other pix. They rock! Also picked up a snazzy Lobster Jersey as well.