Monday, July 21, 2008

The Pre PMC Revere Revelry Party is On!

My wife, (Ann) and Donna chatted and we will be having the Pre-Pmc gathering next Thursday, 5–9 in Revere – same guidelines as last year. (Ann will provide chicken and eggplant and pickies – but if anyone wants to bring a salad, pasta dish or desert that would be fine). Yoga on the beach is an option but someone would need to coordinate. Donation to food pantry is admission. (Lucas will be tracking this!)

Sounds like it was hot Saturday – We went to Gloucester and it was ok – I do not miss biking through Hampton beach on Saturday at 1pm with temps in 90’s – Been there done that!! (Did Steve-Bob get home safely?)

Any questions on feast please call Ann at (781) 289-8566. Thank you. Please RSVP with an email so I know how many will be coming – Non-riders welcome as well. --Michael

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