Sunday, July 27, 2008


We had a great turnout for our last ride in July. With hot temps expected, we stayed along the coast and headed to Manchester/Gloucester. (Perhaps getting weary for some--especially those stopping in Manchester--but nice for folks on the longer ride with the cool sea breeze.) Heading north and stopping in Manchester (and breakfast at Beach Street Cafe) were Av and Laurie taking charge on the tandem, Bill joining after the bridge, Gail, Bob, Joan and Paul, and Barbara (by car). Mojito Dave caught up after a little housecleaning to join the gang heading to Gloucester -- including Ann, Arlene, Drew, Ducky, Susan, Michael, Sheldon, Donna and Tam. Little Dave convinced all to have breakfast at Sugar Magnolia's, which was a terrific place. After breakfast, we did a loop out around Bass Rocks before heading back. A gorgeous day!

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