Friday, July 25, 2008

Conquering Mountains

Best of luck to Bruce next Saturday as he rides the mountains of Colorado in the Copper Triangle Classic for the Davis Phinney Foundation! It looks like a challenging ride, cresting three Colorado Mountain passes. Fremont Pass (elevation 11,318’), Tennessee Pass (at 10,424’) and Vail Pass (at 10,666’). Wow!

Bruce has been the featured rider at the Davis Phinney Foundation website, as he participates in three rides this summer for the DPF. (The DPF's mission is to improve the lives of those living with Parkinson's Disease). In addition to the Pedal for Parkinson's ride 2 weeks ago, and the Copper Triangle Classic, Bruce will be riding in the Sunflower Revolution (again) in August! Awesome job, Bruce!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Bruce!!!!


Tam Cronin said...

Bruce -- Really, I am impressed. What a great job for a great cause. We've missed riding with you, but know you're setting your own course these days. (Love keeping track of your miles on the Cycling Log.) Best of luck to you next weekend in the mountains!

cape cod mike said...

Have a great ride my friend and You ARE Amazing! I hope to catch up with you and ride as I can learn much from you in the ways of the force! Go Team Bruce and may the Force be with you!!!!!No Luck needed as I KNOW you are Prepared!!

Bruce K said...


I'm humbled and blushing.

Thanks to you all. I really appreciate the support.

I really felt sad seeing you guys in Manchester (that was me honking and waving) heading to Gloucester yesterday as I was heading off to Rhode Island to ride with some freinds in the Triple R (whoever said RI is flat LIED!!).

I am hoping to see you all after Colorado and before people start "packing it in".

Bruce K

Tam Cronin said...

So.... How was it?? Did you have a good ride??