Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Climb to the Foothills?

Lisa is curious to know who else might be riding the CRW Climb to the Foothills, which sounds like a fairly wimpy ride compared to the big daddy Climb to the Clouds. (I mean, c'mon... foothills? Seriously? And to top it off, the ride passes a bakery!)

Anyone interested in riding this fluff ride should check out the CRW website (see Ride Calendar) and drop Lisa a line.


Tam Cronin said...

I'm KIDDING!!! -- I know it's not a wimpy ride....

I hate hills. And I hate foothills even more! I'm not riding that thing -- it'll kill me.

Lisa, you're amazing. And I am in awe, as always. Have a great ride!!

Lynda said...


C'mon, 2800 feet of climbing: the Gloucester/Annisquam loop clocked in at 3,582!

Plus, Bolton Orchards Country Store has a full deli, and is a great place to have some lunch.

And that area is sooo gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Too funny! I promise you - it is a very tough ride! Although we will not be climbing Wachusett Mountain, those "foothills" are killers! 68 miles of hills - yikes!!!

Bruce K said...


When you're done you can grab a ticket and hop on the plane with me to Colorado!!!

You'll be ready.

Did Brian get his jersey? If it doesn't fit him, I'm sure you'll find someone who can wear it. ;^)

Have a great ride.


Cyclopath-Donna said...

I decided no rides with the word "CLIMB" in it for me. More power to you. I'll ride to Yoga at Devereaux Beach instead.

Lisa said...

Best of luck in your ride! I will think of you climbing those high Colorado mountains while I am climbing the 'mini mountains' of Massachusetts! Brian called the bike shop and they are holding his jersey for him. He plans to pick it up next Saturday. He is looking forward to getting it! Have a great ride! I look forward to hearing all of the details!

Anonymous said...

Separating Fact from Fiction.
Event Description Break Down:

Flat Course = Not so bad (Really!)Hay we can do this!! So GLAD you talked me into this 

Some what Flat Course = HILLS but not as bad as Foot Hills! All right…May have to ride this again!

Foot Hills = Lets face it they ARE HILLS but hey, it could be worse! Will need to train much harder for this next year….

Gentle Rolling Hills = Not so much!!! Big HILLS that make you wish for Foot Hills. Who talked me into this and where did I put the Aleve?????

Moderately Hilly = This could probably kill you and you may need to sign a liability release on the day of the event!!! Lava salt, electrolytes, gels and bars, copious amounts of vitamin A (Aleve) are the flavors of the day! Who talked me into this and which way did they go????

Hilly to Very Hilly course = Quadriceps cramping, thigh shredding, lung searing, lactic acid building PAIN fest that if it does not kill you will make you wish you where dead!!! OXYGEN NEED OXYGEN!!!! WHO THE @%$#&^* TALKED ME INTO THIS TOURTURE AND THEY PROBLEY NEED TO GO INTO THE WITTNES PROTECTION PROGRAM FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY…….. ONCE I RECOVER!

Lynda said...