Monday, July 07, 2008

2008 Lobster Ride and Roll (Maine)

A gorgeous ride along Maine's scenic rocky coast. Choose mileage from 16 to 100 miles. Ride is fully supported, including maps, rest stops, and post-ride showers. Afterward, put on your way cool lobster socks and enjoy a fresh lobster roll! Yum! When: July 26th. Where: Rockland, Maine. Fee: $65 before July 14th, or $75 after. Note: Pre-Registration deadline for the Lobster Ride and Roll ends July 14th. If you want to get their free Lobster Ride cycling socks, you must pre-register! For more info, click here!


Tam Cronin said...

Mmmmmmmmm lobster roll. Oooooohhhh lobster socks. I'd ride this one but my weekends are jammed. Lynda, let me know how you like it -- maybe I can squeeze it in next year. (Though the drive to Rockland is a long one.) Happy riding!

Lynda said...

Yeah, I'm thinking about getting a room up there, just driving up from work or something like that.

I hear that it is an absolute gorgeous ride, and that lobster roll at the end... MMMMMMMM!

Tam Cronin said...

Sheldon was in Rockland last week -- said it was about a 3 hour drive. (I thought it was closer to 4 or 5).

Lynda said...

No 3 to 3.5 hours is about right. It's around 180 miles to Rockland.

I now have a room up there, if anyone is wanting to ride. I am riding the 100-mile. I can't wait to check out the roads up there! And that lobster roll..... I can taste it already!