Sunday, June 22, 2008

Postcard from Boxford

A beautiful day to bike Bruce's Backroads of Boxford! A dozen Cyclopaths started out in Salem with Boxford as our breakfast destination. Most followed the infamous "Lost Route", gathering for breakfast at the busy Boxford restaurant/post office/bank.

After breakfast, Steve-Bob, Brenda and Wally ventured up to Georgetown, while Bruce kindly led the rest of the crew on the beautiful backroads of Boxford to Bradley Palmer Park. The gang included: Ethan, (soon to be) Minister-Mike, Sheldon, Drew, Carl, Ducky, Gail, Paul G., and Donna. After a beautiful country roads ride, the Georgetown riders and Boxford gang regrouped on 1A at the church. Most headed back to Salem, while Bruce and Ethan (departing earlier) and Brenda and Donna (taking a loop down Larch Row thru Essex and Manchester), continued on for more miles. It was a beautiful day! -- Donna


Tam Cronin said...

Postcard artwork by Donna.

Tam Cronin said...

Sounds like a great ride -- I'm sorry I missed it, but had good reason to skip out this weekend's ride.

Will's Little League team made it to the championship game of the season. They were the first place team after months of baseball -- won a play-off game last Thursday -- and ended up in the championship game on Saturday morning. I had planned to ride, thinking it would make him nervous if I were at the game, but on Friday he confessed that he really wanted me there.

It was an exciting game -- and his team won!! (Yay Phillies!) He is floating on air right now. It's good to be a nine year old.

I REALLY need to get in more riding. Next weekend" The Sea Glass Ride!

Lynda said...

Excellent recap of your adventure! Glad that you all had great riding weather.

I'll see you all at Sue's Seaglass on Sat!

- Lynda

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Sorry Michael K.- I now realize it will be Chaplain-Mike. Happy First Day of School!
It was a great day and a great ride!

On Sunday Sam and Hannah (Sam's grandaughter), Manny and Christina (Manny's daughter), Queen-Kathy, and Donna walked in the Salem Cancer Walk. It was a fun 6.2 miles for a good cause. Line of the day was when a police officer greeted Sam with " I've seen better legs in a bucket of chicken!".