Monday, June 02, 2008

Saturday Fix-it

Looks like Cape Cod Mike (aka MacGyver) has some competition in speedy bike repair! Steve-Bob, Sheldon and Ethan quickly repaired Donna's flat tire on Saturday before heading off to Hamilton for breakfast. (Great job, guys! You're the best!)


Tam Cronin said...

Nice to be surrounded by people who know how to fix a flat. :-)

I just heard on the news that we're hitting 90 degrees this Saturday. Guess we're leaping right into summer!!

Lynda said...

I must say: that is indeed a well-oiled tube-changing machine!

cape cod megail said...

I am so glad we have people that can change my tire in the future as with all the riding and never (knock on wood) having to change my own I may have forgotten how!!!!
Be safe and be ready for anything.....Miss you all!

Lynda said...


Will we see you this Sat?? Miss You and Ell!!

You missed a great loop last week around Annisquam!

ccm said...

WE WILL MAKE IT!!!!! Miss you too!!!
Looking forward to riding in the hood with the cyclopath posse!