Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sea Glass Ride Wrap-Up

The Third Annual Sue's Sea Glass Ride was another success! Wasn't it fun to see our four founding Cyclopaths at the start! Sam, Sheldon, Bill and Av (with Laurie (!) on the tandem!!), Manny, Gail, Mike K. and Bill Indresano (!) joined us pre-ride before heading to Nahant. (Nice to see Laurie and Bill I. riding again!) It was really special to see all our Cyclopaths, (wearing their "blue and greenie" shirts) gathered in Swampscott before the ride. (Click photo for larger view.)

While one group scooted out for a loop to Nahant, The Sea Glass riders headed up to Gloucester. Bruce, Ethan, Jim (from Ethan' s posse), Lisa, Drew, Brenda, Lynda, Alison, (and Alison's son), Meg, Donna, and Tam represented the Cyclopaths. New riders included Susan and Lori, (planning a PMC ride next year), and Bob, (who has joined us in the past). (Did I miss anyone?) We had a cool ride up the coast, with patches of fog, but no one seemed to mind. A great selection of food, water and Gatorade waited for us at Stage Fort Park.

What a perfect way to honor and remember Sue -- and a great ride to Gloucester! Pics are posted online at Shutterfly -- Click here to view! --Tam


Tam Cronin said...

Donna did a great job marking the route! I asked her this morning if she used permanent paint -- she said YES! Too funny. On your next ride up to Gloucester, look for all the pink arrows, helmeted smileys, and hearts along the way.

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Hats off to Ethan, Larisa, Danielle, Andrea and Judy for all their planning and hard work. It was a nice ride up to Gloucester. I enjoyed a banana and peanutbutter sandwich and other goodies at Stage Fort Park. It was a nice ride to remember Sue. And the weather held out for us.
It was great to see so many Cyclopaths at the start and the Bagpiper was a wonderful touch to the send off.

Cyclopath-Donna said...


BIG THANKS to Barry for the REALLY NICE moisture wicking Sue's Seaglass Ride shirts. Love it!