Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Sunshine Ride, May 31

Despite rainy forecasts, it was a dry Saturday morning. Steve-Bob, Sheldon, Ethan, and I (Donna) met for a 6:30 am start. At the Salem Courthouse, I got a flat tire. Mojito-Dave met up with us -- and a little way up the road, Paul joined in the fun. We rode to Henderson's (in Hamilton) for breakfast, where Gail and Manny met us. After breakfast, we rode through Bradley Palmer before heading home. The sun came out, it was a bit windy, and we heard a few rumbles of thunder ending the ride, but it remained dry throughout. --Donna


Ethan Forman said...

Hey, great ride on Saturday, wish we could have finished together. Remember, folks, it's a ride not a race. ;-)

Cyclopath-Donna said...

The sun was shining in the end. And I forgot to mention - Tammy met us at Roger Conant. She was nice enough to let Ethan and I cross Bridge Street to make our last left turn.
We did end up dividing up. I hope everyone made it home safely.
Hope to ride next Saturday.