Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

It looks like great weather for this weekend's Memorial Day Ride. Perhaps the rainy weekends are now behind us?! It feels like forever since our last ride together!

Cape Cod Mike and Quadzilla Lynda fared well in last Sunday's Spring century. (Read the full report in the comments.) It's going to be tough keeping up with these two this summer! Congrats Mike and Lynda!


Lynda (from email) said...

It was a great day for a ride! The sun was out, it was in the high 50 and topped out at 70.

We left promptly and decided that we shouldn't push the pace too much. Problem was, we didn't stick to it! We'd agree that we'd do say, 18mph on the flats, and before we knew it, we were doing 20+. We avg'd 16.8 mph to around the half-point, then took it easier for the last half.

There was a good smattering of rolling hills, some fast descents, and also some short, but steep, leg-burners!

The show-stopper was the scenery: I swear, some of the views were postcard-perfect! Of course, my phone's memory was full... lots of farmland, rolling green hills with horses, some lakes, very quaint rural streets just completed the picture.

We went through Harold Parker Forest, and it was like being deep in a forest, surrounded by nature. Incredible. We should do a ride there.

And Mike performed a mitzvah! a rider in a group had a busted chain, and needed a chain tool to fix it, so here we come: Mike: "Are you folks ok?" group: "No, busted chain, need tool." Mike; "I got ya covered!" That's our McGyver!

Ellen and Cyclopath Donna met us at the finish. Mike and I were just sooo happy to see our vehicles, that we didn't even see the smiley faces drawn in chalk, to draw us down the parking lot a little further so that Donna could take a pic of us coming in - we almost hugged our vehicles, so happy to complete this milestone! They had to walk up to us to tell us that they wanted to see us ride in. I was just dying to take those shoes off and get comfortable, so they just took pix right there.

So all in all, this ride was a lot of fun. It had elements of speed, climbing, adventure, laughs, stress-relieving scenery, and, most of all, camaraderie and miles miles miles!

Congrats to Mike for completing this, his second century EVER! And so early in the season! Yay!
here's the link to the gps stats:

Next month: an 85-mile, followed up four days later with a 135 miler!

Tam Cronin said...

As Drew would say, "You both rock". Congratulations on the century!!

With this false start to the season, and lack of riding, I'm afraid I'll never catch up to you now!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Congrats to Cyclopath Centurians: Cape Cod Mike and Lynda. Nice going!

Capecodmike said...

Thank you Lynda for the awesome ride!! Thank you Donna for our field of smiles! Thank you Donna and Ellen for the support! Thank you Zoƫ for being the perfect mascot! (Ellen thanks again for the Motivation- I WILL Ride for Dunkins Ice Coffee!)

Lynda said...

And thank you, CCM, for riding it with me! You are one strong rider, my friend! Any Sunday that you and Ellen want to go riding, give me a call, I'll come up to the mountains!

Got Dunkins near ya? ;o)

When is your next century scheduled? I have the 135-mile Outriders "Boston To PTown Ride" on June 21st, with the 85-mile "PtoP" four days before that. I'd be into adding another century, if you have another one for June..

Nicer weather is right around the corner, I know that it is! It won't take long to put in some base miles and get up to where you need to be. Before you know it, we'll be going to Stone Soup and Mad Martha's! Mmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

We did Mad Martha's last weekend.

The bridge on 1A is still out for a few more weeks but an article in today's paper said it will be opening "months early"

There are 1 or 2 nice "detours" around the bridge, so drop me a note if you want routing suggestions.

The 4C's are foregoing NH and instead going to Newburyport and on to Smolak Farms. It shouls be about 75 miles. OUCH!!

Bruce K

Tam Cronin said...

Looking good for a weekend ride. Hope to get in more of those base miles you're talking about, Lynda. I feel like I'm starting from square one all over again. Larisa's Yoga for Cyclists got me off to a good start, but then we got cold and rain, and more cold and rain again. I'm just not a diehard, crappy-weather rider. Give me the sun. Mad MArtha's seems soooo far away right now. Maybe by July I'll get there.

Tam Cronin said...

PS -- Just a heads up: Donna reminds me that next Saturday, May 31, we switch to a 6:30 start. To avoid confusion for this weekend's ride, I will post the time change early next week.