Saturday, May 03, 2008

The "I'm Only Riding Because it's Sheldon's Birthday" Ride

Well it was a cold, wet, rainy day ride for Sheldon's milestone birthday. Undaunted by the puddles and lightly falling rain, Mike K., Lynda, Donna and Tam rode to the Depot Diner to honor Sheldon -- who had the common sense to drive to breakfast. Also joining us by car, warm and dry, were Steve-Bob, Gail, and MANNY! (Nice to see you, Manny!) We had a great breakfast together, (don't you always love the waitresses at the Depot Diner? So friendly!), before heading back out into the cold, gray day. A short ten-miler given the weather. Happy Birthday Sheldon! Next week: Sunshine!?


Cyclopath-Donna said...

Mazel Tov Sheldon!
May we all be riding, rain or shine, when we turn 75. It was a wet ride and a GREAT breakfast. The whole restaurant clapped after we sang Happy Birthday. : )
Micheal, Tammy & Lynda- don't forget to clean your bike!!!

Sprocket Girl said...

Sheldon! 75 going on 40! You are an inspiration! Keep on riding!

Francisco was treated to a bath immediately upon returning home. Lots of grit in oh-so-many places. Don't forget to lube that chain too.

Hate to say it, but, for next weekend, I will ride with you all for a bit, but I really need to go loooong, for the weekend after next is my first century. 60-80 miles is what I need to do, so I apologize in advance for breaking off on the upcoming Sat ride.

Anyone looking to hang is welcome to.

- Lynda

Sheldon Brown said...

I am most grateful to my Cyclopathic friends who defied the prohibitive elements, rain, cold, wind and hypothermal weather to celebrate my 75th. Your fidelity is heart warming. Your D.C. card from everyone is the centerfold of my desk. I had a great time, and shall long remember your thoughtful gesture. Bikingly yours with love, Shelly

Tam Cronin said...

We love you Sheldon! Only for YOU would I ride in that cold rain.