Sunday, May 11, 2008

Best Wishes

Happy May Birthdays to Donna, Queen Kathy, Bill Indresano and future Cyclopath (and Mike K.'s grandson) Lucas, who turns 1 this month! Happy Birthday to all!

Also, wishing Carl good weather and a great ride on Saturday's Best Buddies Hyannisport Challenge -- And the same for Lynda, as she rides her first century of 2008. Hope it's a warm, sunny one!


capecodmike said...

Happy Birthday Cyclopaths! Present and future!!!!

Best of luck to the Best Buddies and Wishing Lynda a safe and speedy century! (I may be riding with Her if I play my cards right)

Lynda said...

Please ride on Sunday... :o)

Twisting that arm!

capecodmike said...

Okay, I am riding the Century with Lynda!!!! No arm twisting needed....I just hope I can keep up!!! ;)

Lynda said...

You will do fine! Heck, you are the one that's in the mountains now! Keep practicing that one doosey of a hill (looked like it was at the end of the loop in the motionbased data)in your area, and everything else will be flat to you! Soooo envious of your hills!!

Tam Cronin said...

Happy Birthday to the May gang. (Donna, your birthday is today, right?? Have a good one!!) Haven't seen the Queen or Bill I. in a while. Wow -- Lucas is almost one! Time flies, eh?

Carl and Lynda -- Hope you both have good weather. Carl, what a great job you've done organizing a team and riding the Best Buddies year after year. Awesome.

Let's hope it doesn't rain on Saturday! I miss my Cyclopath friends!

Sheldon said...

Best birthday wishes to my Cyclopathic friends on their May birthdays. May your new year bring much happiness, good health and lots of biking. And Lucas, can't wait to see you on a trike. Love, Cyclopath Shelly