Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Redesign the Blog!

Let's update the blog for 2008! Send me your "wish list" and I will see if I can incorporate your ideas into the site. A new, clean, crisp banner will be coming soon, along with new cycling posts to get us ready for spring! Have you come across an article online that you'd like to share with the group? (I just read one that refreshed my memory on how to change a flat tire!) Send them along! Spring is coming soon! --Tam


Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy;

The blog has been a great source of information and conversation and you have done a fantastic job managing it.

For a new feature, how about a "Classifieds" section where people can post bikes, parts, clothing, etc. that they might have for sale?

Just a thought.

Bruce K.

Tam said...

Ooh -- Good idea, Bruce!! That doesn't sound too complicated. I bet it will work!

I'm working on type/layout now. Graphics to follow. I've been testing the layouts in Safari and Mozilla -- (Haven't yet given it a look in IE) -- so it may look a little messy while I work out the code.

PS -- Thanks for the kudos. Much appreciated! ;-)

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Oh Mighty Blogmaster....... First off, you do a WONDERFUL, OUTSTANDING, TERRIFIC job on the blog. All your hard work (and aggravation) is very much appreciated. I do love the new pin with the fork, knife and spoon!!! : ) I vote for the smiley with the helmet to find a prominent place on the blog. And maybe now is the time for everyone to fill out their Cyclopath profile page?! Some people may be unaware of it.
Whatever you create I am sure I will love! And I am so glad you'll be riding the PMC again this August.

Tam said...

Thanks, Donna! Hee... The pins aren't real. I just took a few elements I had from the "jersey art folder" and threw them on some pins. LOL -- the helmeted smiley. I can hear the plaintive wails of "noooooo" right now. And for that matter, I should probably add The Scream too? ;-)

I forgot about the profile pages!

PS - Still haven't registered for the PMC... dragging my feet. I was pumped up about riding one more time, and then had another tug in the opposite direction. Is Gail riding the Sunday route?

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Yes. Gail, and possibly Bill Cantor and Sam, and also my friends Janet Fischer and Sharon Thomas will be riding ( they rode last year too.)

Anonymous said...

Thank You Very Much Tam for ALL YOU do! You should be very proud of the Blog and we are very Proud and appreciative of OUR Blog Master!!!