Monday, February 18, 2008

Century Rides 2008

Many of us plan to ride a Century (or several) this year. You can find some great articles online to help train for the ride! For those of us riding near the end of the pack, check out The Perfect Back-of-the-Pack Century at ("Stuff your pockets with food before heading out!") Another favorite, The Century Timeline, lays out a perfect plan for tackling the day. (A great timeline for PMC riders as well.) ("Prepare yourself for a horrible, black depression somewhere between miles 70 & 80. Take comfort in being part of the vast social hive of humanity.") And for our speed demons in the group, here's a plan to crush your next 100 in under 5 or 6 hours! Finish 100 Fast. (Visit to get the complete 10 weeks.) (Lynda, Bruce, Arlene, Ellen, CCMike...)


Anonymous said...

My Best century is 6.5 hrs so I am far from fast....I am just happy to be here!! (and I never pass up breakfast):) LOL

Lynda said...

Hey Mike,

That's a great base to have, and you will build on that! Breakfast doesn't count towards your time, don't ya know... ;p

Thanks for those articles Tammy!