Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Who is riding the PMC this year?

Registration is ongoing...

Bruce writes: "After 8 rides I am now solidly in the camp of "Not me." Instead, I will be heading out to Colorado to do The Copper Triangle Alpine Classic benefitting The Davis Phinney Foundation. The ride is a 1 day event covering 78 miles and 6000 feet of climbing, (ouch) -- starting at Copper Mountain Ski Area and riding over to Leadville, Vail, and returning to Copper. Hopefully I'll catch up to you guys at breakfast one of these Saturdays. --Bruce

Who is riding the PMC?


Lynda said...

I am. It is too important for me not to.

As of today 1/12/08, I have $711 towards this year. I am pumped even more this year than my "rookie" year.
I have a former co-worker and friend that is undergoing chemo for Hodgkins, and she's my motivation.

Anonymous said...

I'll be pedaling from Wellesley to Bourne (and then driving to P-town). It is my 17th PMC and I am planning to reach 20.

Tam said...

Oh it's soooo tough to decide. My heart tells me to ride, my head tells me to give myself a break this year... I thought I had decided not to but I'm so torn about not riding. Guess I'm still on the fence until spots start to run out and I have to make a decision.

Lynda said...

Hey - for folks that are not planning on riding the pmc, there is an option closer to home for you, called Reid's Ride, which raises money for research of adolescent and young adult cancers. Check out their website at

$125 fundraising minimum, starts in Lynnfield and goes to Stage Fort Park Gloucester. 40 miles, and you can return to Lynnfield for an 80 miler if you'd like.

For those registered to ride the PMC, Lorraine (Reid's mother) tells me that you may ride for $50, the fundraising min. waived b/c you are raising a ton for research already.

I will be riding Reid's Ride in addition to the PMC. Join us!!